Cabo San Lucas

My first time to Mexico couldn't have been any better. J and I flew to Cabo for a destination wedding—along with 30 other of our close college friends. I can't explain how cool it is to travel with friends to a new place. These are the friends we saw all the time in college over a decade ago. Wherever we went in Cabo, we saw friends as if we were neighbors living in paradise after all these years. We all used to work together at a restaurant, or were in the same fraternity, or were girlfriends or roommates of another...whatever connection that was then is still bond today and it was so special to time-travel back to easier, freer times.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called Fiesta Americana Grand. As an all-inclusive virgin, I was totally impressed! We could not get that level of service and quality of food at an all-inclusive here in the states. We ate at a different restaurant every night, ordered room service for breakfast and late night and by the pool, and slept on the beach watching the stars. Not to mention, the bride and groom did so much to make sure all their guests had an incredible time, from a welcome bonfire the first night to a pool party at the bikini bar the next day (not pictured).



Man, Sarah and Aug, you did it right. I hope you know all that hard work paid off. The wedding was beautiful and full of love. You gave us the most epic vacation ever. I'm so glad we could be there with you. Congratulations to you lovebirds. 

From the vault

I dug through my hard drive today and came across a folder full of Paris honeymoon photos that I passed over in the initial edit. The city was such a whirlwind at the time. All the photos were moments captured were shot from the hip like rapid-fire, crooked lines and all, ignoring the camera as best I could. Years later, these images takes me right back to those cobblestone streets... these photos make me feel old(er) yet lucky to have had the memory. It's time to plan another trip!


Feelers and Light


My passing thru St. Helena and the open hours of this store finally aligned last month. The window display marked with a mysterious "M" always caught my eye but it was always closed, which probably only fanned the flames of my wanting heart. This time I walked up to the door and pulled the handle, and instead of resisting against me as usual, it opened easily, and so too did my heart crack wide open. 


I took the photo above as I was leaving. I remember feeling complete and utter awe of what I'd just seen and taking a photo was all I could do. Complete and utter amazement, wonder, and incredulity. The curator of this store had taste that was out of this world. Each piece of furniture, jewelry, light, or object make a statement. Either it was a bold statement made with delicate materials, or it was simply bold and unassuming. Nothing was purely beautiful without also being a little large, slightly weird, kind of funny, which gave it a kind of honesty. Every object was novel. I couldn't get over how I felt, like I just witnessed something. Have you ever felt that? The kind of open ended clarity that opens your eyes to a great, glorious possibility? I knew that I had seen a light. I knew that I'd met my desire. And now I have to do something about it.

I came across this photo in my phone and decided to post it. Then I decided to write a caption. Then I decided what I was going to write. Then I looked up the store online to see if "M" was short for something. I discovered that I'd heard about this showroom before; that it belongs to a local interior designer named Erin Martin that I'd researched in the past because she was the designer who staged a home that I'd been in and found so perfect that my husband and I decided to get married there. I had no idea of this connection to Erin Martin all those times I'd driven past the showroom, drawn to it, finally pulled in and impressed upon. It may not be the strongest connection, but I know enough to trust that it only takes a millisecond to make another. 


So I'm here putting a feeler out there in the universe, a grand gesture in its own right, and may it help me find my way. And a feeler to Erin Martin, if she would ever entertain a conversation with me about her work, I am ready to listen.

My Birth Story

Birth. Birth day. Birthdays. I always wondered what it feels for a mother to celebrate her child's birthday. I think I'll always look back at that day as "the day that everything changed". One moment I had a baby in my belly and the next, a baby in my arms! Whenever I look back at belly photos I find myself saying "You were in there, and now you're out here!" and it's a trip down memory lane. 

I'm writing my birth story because I have the worst memory and I want to remember it in full. I'm sharing my birth story because even before I was pregnant I loved reading other women's birth stories. I found them to be some of the most raw, honest and unapologetic pieces of writing on the internet these days. Reading them shaped my expectations for my own labor and delivery, and they also affirmed that while women have been giving birth since the beginning of mankind, no two births are the same. Learning about the mysteries and magic of pregnancy and childbirth, I started to feel proud to be a woman. 

As I add yet another birth to the ether-net, I want to write down certain aspects of my birth story that I feel were a) unique to my experience, b) things I wish more mamas elaborated on or at least mentioned in the birth stories I read. 

Here we go....

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Humming Along

Things have been busy over here! Last time I wrote it was summer and now it's autumn. I do love this season, though. It's the best season for the senses—you've got the brisk air in your lungs and softer textures on your skin, the piercing afternoon light juxtaposed with the aroma of steaming hot drinks, and pops of color are having their last hurrah—you can't go wrong!

I'm enjoying a new role at work but it comes with constant juggling and prioritizing. I'm learning a lot and finally my professional career path is steering a little closer to my personal interests and some day they'll be one and the same, a topic of discussion between J and I lately.

And that brings me to our kid (everything brings me back to that kid). Our son just turned 8 months recently, and I find myself having to stop and look him over for a few minutes. I examine him head to toe to remind myself that he's growing right before my eyes. I can't believe he came into my world only this year! So recently that I can vividly remember what my life used to be like, and while I miss some aspects of the past, I've never been more excited for what's to come. Heck, I'm totally going to be one of those moms that has pre-bought birthday presents stashed in the closet until he's of the appropriate age, starting with a wooden toy bear and a huge ship kite. Some people invest in the stock market; I like to invest in his smiles.

Side projects are also picking up. Speaking of kids, I've been asked to style another kids apparel photo shoot, this time with a fall theme. I've got less than a month to construct a set, acquire and craft all the props and plan the shot list as best as possible. I'm also working on designing a top shelf beverage label and a destination wedding invitation for some very good friends. 


Yes, the holiday season is always busy, as I'm sure you all agree, but it feels like a particularly bountiful one this year. I've got lots to be thankful for, and I'm looking forward to getting in the festive spirit with la familia: upholding the old traditions and sprouting the new!