I'm feeling pretty fantastic today. It's been a while since I've been happy with all aspects of my life: Friends, Family, Work, Love, Creativity. Physical Health is not on that list because it's on timeout - always too disappointing.

I slept in this Saturday morning. I awoke to find amazing sunlight bursting through my blinds, so I let it in and my room has been glowing since. I've lit candles, eaten boiled eggs and wheat English muffins, played with the camera, organized the piles in my room into new piles, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, done sufficient web browsing and even wrote an entry for the collaborative journal. More on that when time comes.

Creativity is flowing through me and it feels so gooood. I am enjoying it thoroughly while it lasts. You know that feeling, when you have something you know is good but only temporarily? The ONLY thing you can do is appreciate it and take advantage of all that it offers, while it's being offered. Don't think about anything but the present, and don't be sad when when the moment is gone.

I'm going to go eat some ice cream now.