A Day with the Cummins-Madelonis

_MG_5936, originally uploaded by mrrrrrrp.

I opted out of snowboarding for a day in the city with my lovely friends Marita and Glenn and his little brother Robbie, who was visiting from Ireland, and I am so glad that I did. I love being around people like this because they are so loving and open, and we can be annoyed and stressed but stay patient and calm at the same time. It was a lot of fun to wander around the big city that I work in but never get to see.

First, we attempted to go to the Academy of Sciences but the wait was so long it made me want to pee just looking at it. So we went to the Japanese Tea Garden instead. After that, we drove to the Ferry Building for some luncheon and then all the way back to the Golden Gate Bridge where the majority of these photos were taken. We walked a quarter of the way (at the best time of day for photos, in my opinion) before we got pretty hungray. But we couldn't have called it a day without visiting a few clothing stores that Robbie had in mind, so we drove downtown to the Abercrombie & Fitch store, and the other one, American Eagle. And then to the Ed Hardy store, which i'd never heard of until then, but will always remember it as the store whose security guard thought I was trying to steal a magazine.

We ended the day with an Ethopian cuisine experience in Berkeley, after which I decided that I liked everyone else's dishes but mine! They dropped me off back at my apartment shortly past 10pm and I said goodbye to Robbie who was such a pal the whole day. Come visit again soon!

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