Welcome, Barack Obama

I feel better knowing the world is a lot easier to take in knowing I have good people surrounding me. Lately the world's been throwing me curve balls from left field, and I don't even know if that's the proper usage of the sports lingo but so furthers my point. But luckily, right when I am about entertain the idea of temporarily giving up, there they are cheering me on, straightening me out, pulling me up. And there's something satisfying about having someone who you normally see as your opposite totally complete your perspective.

I also feel better because America now has a new president. I got into the city early to watch the Inauguration streamed at my desk at work, but on the walk to the office at the Metron there were two huge screens streaming the Inauguration live. Not being able to pass up an easy opportunity to participate, I joined the quickly multiplying crowd in welcoming our new president. It was a surreal experience because people cheered and booed and prayed and stood, as if the screens were naught but a portal to the live event, as if we were actually standing at the Monument, only a few thousand people short and oh, 60 degrees above freezing.

Here are a few photos and a video from this morning. Please excuse the god-awful pixel quality for my phone is ancient and decrepid. Please send donations towards an iPhone via Paypal.