What Do I Write About?

I am having trouble pin-pointing my focus for what I want to blog about. I've been dwelling on the idea of starting a useful blog for quite some time now, and I keep finding myself stuck on this part -- What topic do I want to discuss with my readers? I have many interests that I feel merit being written about, but what are the chances that a reader will feel equally passionate about all those things, over one?


I really find the topic of relationships fascinating. I could write for days and days about symbiotic relationships of tangible and intangible things. I think about it all the time; making connections between people, evaluating and balancing events, occassionally from an observational P.O.V. mostly from experience. But who would want to subscribe to that? Not sure. I'm not about to tailor to teeny bopper romantics who tell stories that start with "Dear Abby --". Although that is also an interesting approach.

I am a designer, so of course I'll also want to share my insight on what is design and how it works. But I'm a young designer with relatively little experience, I don't always feel confident enough to dole out my so-called expert opinions. I could always collect cool designs that I find on the internets and upcycle them to my audience, but pleh, everything is that. I only want it to be a very small part - if anything.

I like photography and can incorporate my own photography into the blog. I think that is a requisite for good original content and value.

I also love to write. Easy nuff. I particularly like to freewrite, so it would make sense that the format of my writing would be a slightly edited and pared down version of my daily musings. So that leans more towards a personal blog rather than a professional blog. Dilemma; I want a professional blog. P.S. I'm currently writing this in Khoi Vinh's preview version of Writer's Block, a writing application that dims everything but the TextEdit-like text box, muffles all background sound/music, and prevents you from deleting ANYTHING or going back to add text anywhere. At first it's pretty frustrating to see so many striketrhu marks on the page, but then slowly you just kind of go with it and learn to appreciate that what comes out comes out and you can't do anything about it but keep moving forward. Thus, eliminating the writer's block. I digress.

I suppose the issue isn't that I need to focus my ideas to just one thing or style -- pigeonholing myself to one thing or style may not necessarily draw the strongest audience -- the issue is that I feel pressured that no one will want to read what I write, and I don't know how to manipulate my writing so that people will want to read it. I see my pageviews and unique visitors go up but I see no discussion forming in the comments, no feedback to give me direction.

Just Do It

It's my own mental block that's keeping me from starting, isn't it. I know I just need to do a bit more DOING and a bit less PLANNING, especially this early in stage, but I can't help but feel like I'm treading in really shallow water alongside a huge mass of other bloggers that are just trying to get known in this world wide net. For now, I'm going to keep writing whatever it is that comes to me through my day and hopefully my subject matter will develop naturally. Until then, any and all feedback is appreciated greatly.