Lighting Project

So, Project No. 1: Lighting

This little apartment gets fantastic natural light from the kitchen and bathroom windows in the mornings, and even more brilliant light from the main window in the afternoons. I just have to complain about the artificial lighting that I am forced to use at night. I seem to have become more sensitive to light as I get older -- most likely due to the fact that I am staring at a computer screen 10 hours a day. Long story short, the Lighting Project has begun. This past weekend we accomplished two things:

1. Replaced all lightbulbs.
The bathroom light is fine as is. I couldn't stand the yellowness of the bedroom light and still don't really like the brightness of the new bulbs -- must get a better lamp. The kitchen light is brighter now, but I could still use an under-cabinet light for over the sink/stove so that I can tell when to stop burning the food and breaking the dishes.

2. Installed custom lanterns
This doesn't sound as fancy as it is, but it certainly was labor intensive. We spent a good hour at Home Depot firmly discussing (NOT arguing, I clarify) and looking for the wiring and other electric-related parts of which I know not the name, and successfully lit two lightbulbs! Most of the work was figured out by Jason; photos of the progress below. We still need to finish one more lantern (didn't have enough wiring due to my typical miscalculations) and figure out how to hide the wires behind the beam.

It was a fun Sunday afternoon, and I look forward to doing more home projects with my HandyMan. Project No 2. Fabric...