A Project In Between

Did you know that I run another blog? In short, Painfullygood.com is a collection of bittersweet moments belonging to regular folk... namely, me. It's a side project I'm starting on and am having trouble lifting if off the ground. It's fun for me to share what moves me, but I imagine it would be so much more powerful as a collective effort of EVERYONE's heartaches. Painfully Good could potentially become a truly inspiring source of emotion provoking moments. If you're at all interested in becoming a contributor, do let me know.

OR if you're at all saavy at designing wordpress skins, do contact me. In exchange we can do a negotiation: a link to your blog, some graphic design, friendship, or perhaps a homecooked meal. I make a mean potato salad.

TGIF. It's beautiful and sunny here in San Francisco; I hope everyone gets a chance to go out and enjoy it.

From the in between,

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