A Sunday

Jason and I were ready to bring home a new-to-us dream couch from some folks in Castro Valley yesterday. We woke up early, borrowed his brother's truck, got plastic and tape, and were about to head over when the sellers called saying to come at 3 PM instead.

With four hours to kill we ate a hearty Country Waffles breakfast, which for the record is the only place that gets my eggs how I like them: over medium-well!

Afterwards we watched Watchmen. From a person who doesn't watch animations or read comics or likes blood, I must say I enjoyed this graphic novel adaptation film thoroughly.

2:20 PM we come out of the movie, feeling good that we were right on time and had the rest of the day to get a new couch and set it up.

They weren't home.

To pass the time we went to a nearby ice cream parlor - my first time! Engulfed by the bright pink interior and its sweet scent, we both ordered our regular favorites: choco mint chip w/ rainbow sprinkles and vanilla topped w/ strawberries & bananas. I won't say which is whose but I will say that he got teased by the older lady taking our order.

There went the day. We drove back to his home and had Hometown Buffet with his dad - another first time for me! He drove me back to Berkeley as we tested the capacity of the audio system in his fancy rental car.

Nothing turned as planned but, if I may quote Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing", "it was such... a perfect day."