Weekend Fail

Unfortunately this past weekend's cookie-baking activity fell kind of flat. In fact, I found myself falling flat a lot this weekend. Do you ever have those days where you just have no idea what is going on, what to expect, or what to do about it while it's happening in front of you? A good metaphor would be ummm, a plane crash. That was my weekend. a catastrophic, cruel flippin' plane crash.

[Ten minutes later] So, I wrote in great detail what was so extreme about this weekend but deleted it all because I care about you, Reader. I want to spare you the ugly facts of life and just leave you with the silver lining and the lessons I learned in the end because, well, while I want to assure you that I am just as human as you are, you don't need to know HOW human. You likely feel like thanking me by now, so I'd like to link to my wishlist that I've created just now for these gratuitous moments.

    - We now have a thermostat, which means we are no longer required to bend down to open the door of the wall heater and light the pilot that keeps going out, which means we can block its access with the couch, and with this new positioning opens up a delightful space for infinite room decorating options! Females, please rejoice with me if you are as chronically domestic as I.

    - NEVER light a pilot unless you are wearing flame-proof gloves (and mask, to be safe).

    -I have a relationship with a man who has a boundless depth of heart when it comes to the bottom line. Females, please rejoice with me once again: men CAN do things without being asked... it just depends on the situation.

    -I realized that I have just as much communication issues as I peg him for. Damn.

So, in order to console your feeling of emptiness after I deprived you of the details of my weekend, I'd like to close this post with an offering of a lovely taste of the internet with these links below.