Normally airports evoke no emotion out of me. I feel that they can improve in their sanitation, warmer customer service, update their systems and create a better navigation for the first time flyer. I know airports are known for prime people-watching spots, only more inflated by the 2003 movie Love Actually and its romantic depiction of reuniting families from opposite ends of the ocean, coated with slow-motion surprise-faces followed by the dropping of luggage, running, tears and embracing. I look for that at the airports, hoping to witness that special moment so highly coveted, but... not to be a pessimist, I rarely see it. Not that I wouldn't love to see that, no, not at all. I LIVE for moments like that. Love Actually is the epitome of how I see love- all angsty and yummy. It's just that the airports have been just disappointing if you're seeking to be surrounded by that energy.

All that aside, I had the best flying experience last week, coming out of John Wayne / Orange County airport and into San Francisco on United Airlines. The flight was short, about an hour. The view of dusk and the sunset was stunning, I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. The landing was smooth as could be; I couldn't tell when we stopped flying and when we started landing. We left early and got in early, which means I get into my own bed even sooner.

I suppose little of that actually had to do with the physical airport but I thought I'd share that with the few shots that I took there.

[Photos taken by me at SNA, Newport Beach]