Catching Up

Happy Monday everyone,

Forgive me for doing a Monday post right after a Monday post. That just looks bad! I got back from the business trip and spent the rest of the week catching up with work, family, friends, boyfriend-- amazing how much three days of your regular life you can miss!

I haven't had access to internets this weekend. We spontaneously switched the location of our new couch and computer desk, detaching the computer from the only other three-prong outlet in the apartment, the other being in the bathroom, and I am not about to lug that 24' thirty pound iMac into my bathroom, no matter how convenient they say it is. You know who you are O_o.

On the other hand, the couch looks great, and I've finally made some interior decisions that have stalled the decorating process greatly.

1) The bedroom will be a mediterranean blue and stark white
2) The living room will be neutral colored, mostly, with splashes of color
3) I need a soft white rug that is at least 3x5
4) Still looking for that perfect table / desk / console

We've installed white roller blinds from IKEA that are transparent enough to let light in AND disguise the ugly blinds that came with the place that Jason doesn't have a problem with but I can't stand. I don't have internet at home which means I can't upload photos yet, but I've given in and ordered Comcast so again, bear with me.

I had some girlfriends over the other night after dinner in North Berkeley and we had such a lovely time. We went to Andronico's and shared champagne, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and chatted about everything under the sun, well into the late night. Oh, adding to the list:

5) a set of wine glasses and mugs and teacups

I only had one mug that my sister painted for me and three wine glasses for four people. What a poor host I be! And what a poor blogger I be! Well, I've scattered some lovely photos in this post that I'd like to share with you; some inspiration I've been keeping in my pocket for some time now.