Kitchen After

Welcome to my kitchen! I'm showing you this room first because it's the only one even closely resembling put-togetherness. I could be doing a much better job of recording the before and after of my decorating process, I know. Here are a few 'after' photos and one 'before' photo:



An improvement, no? The kitchen gets the best light in the mornings. This is the place where I'd like to make my lovely guests a savory dish or a nice steaming cup of tea out of the only mug I own. We take turns drinking tea. So far I've cooked many breakfasts in the afternoon. There is a ladder in the kitchen because I refuse to put it in the bedroom. The cabinet hardware that came with the kitchen are cute little forks and spoons. Adore.

I purchased the poster on the fridge from a design and art show by my friend Japtheth and our friend Ben. They are best friends. It says "THIS IS OUR DAY" in neat lettering that reminds me of old technology. I'm using my fridge as an inspiration board of sorts, at least until I build one for my desk area [photos to come].

I've decided on a black and white theme with all shades of green to accent. I hope to have a big turquoise accent on the wall by the fridge, and lots of little glass blue jars to capture that brilliant light that spills in somehow both at dawn as well as dusk. The chairs are a bit uncomfortable and so I'm also looking for nice and wide seat cushions.

Thank you for looking; come visit and I'll make you some good tea!

PS) Stay tuned for a post on the third annual Co/Lab Show that opened last week. In the meantime, read the article here.