Fresh Eyes

Hello hello,
I've been M.I.A for quite some time now (7 days, but in blog world, missing a day is like missing a lifetime) and I've not real excuse. In fact, I'l have you know that I have been writing more on paper and actually have a series of thoughts on Following Your Dreams that I'll have to break up into separate posts. It's a subject that I've been tackling for most of my life and increasingly so lately, so I'm very passionate about sharing them with you and hearing what you have to say. More soon.

In other news, I ran out of contacts last week so I took that as an incentive to get these nerdy Guess glasses. Yes, I am going for the nerdy look. My calm face looks "too cool for school"...
... so I took another with a funny expression to balance it out. For some reason I feel inappropriate smiling at my desk. Hm.. that can't be a good sign.

Do you all like the related posts widget I've added to this page? I feel that it's a good way to engage you all readers more, by sifting through my old posts that might possibly interest you. I'm not sure the algorithm or if it's just keyword related, but it'll probably hit or miss until I accumulate more posts.

I'm still refining my subject matter for this blog. It's more so an all-encompassing-Milan blog, of things that interest me (design, photography, interiors, style) and of things I think of (stupid inventions, existential thoughts, dreams). It's more or less a personal blog, but I'd like to be able to connect with you readers in some way.

Where do our commonalities lie? What can you relate to on this site?
Is it just because you know me, or want to know me? Or is there something in what I say that interests you? Please let me know and I'll have better insight as to what to write about.