My Empty Cart No.1: Three Potato Four


Today I'm introducing a new series called My Empty Cart inspired by the fact that there is so much to be had! The potential for shopping is boundless (limited only by the obvious "cost" thing) and working in the heart of the San Francisco shopping district and visiting the online shops for style, I have to constantly practice restraint. I've come up with ways to avert my attention like, not bringing my wallet, or sketching what I want in hopes to subside the desire, or allow myself time to rampage through clothing racks but really edit to zero in the end.

What works best for me is to shop online, add things to my cart, give myself a realistic budget, THEN look at the total price, and then start deleting things from the cart one by one until I've narrowed it down to what I really love AND really need. And then I leave the window up all day until I convince myself that I don't need or want any of it afterall.

Most the time, I end up closing the window on accident.

So today, I've stumbled across Three Potato Four and I am sitting on my shopping cart like a chicken on her egg, and this is what I've edited it down to:

Collection of Skeleton Keys (set of 3) $12.00

Penmanship Practice Charts $6.00
How about a curly "M" for Milan and a swirly "J" for Jason stuck on our fridge? Cute huh.

Letterpress Print Type Drawer/Tray - No.11 $25.00
i LOVE that letterpress is reviving itself from a dead art form.

On a related note, enjoy a short video of printing press Grafica Fildalga, shared to me by a dear friend.

Powder Blue Wire Basket
I think I could justify the price of this cute basket by the significant reduction of clutter that it would bring to my living room.

Suspended Seagull Sculpture $28.00
Now this... is probably excessive. It's beautiful though... and resin... and white...?

Grand subtotal: $137 + tax & shipping

What do you think -- should I buy?