Bento Me

I was thinking the other day that I would like to have children so that they may go to school and that I may make them bento boxes for lunch every morning. Yes, I want to be That Mother. I've always loved that scene in Totoro where the big sister is gently pressing one umeboshi on top of the rice she's packed into cute little bento boxes, and then tying them up in a furoshiki for her dad to take to work. And then she gobbles up her rice with chopsticks really really fast before running out the door herself.

There's something magical this compact meal of delicious variance that fills me with joy. This feeling of satisfaction is so powerful that I try to replicate it in all aspects of my life.

  • I try to create a living space that is visually tasty and hold lots of shapes and sizes surrounding one central piece.
  • My friends are interesting to me and complement each other.
  • I prefer that my meals have options to choose from, and lean towards dishes with the most variety of ingredients.
  • I select my wardrobe to be mix-n-matchable and of no particular style but yummy.
  • Sometimes I organize with a level of OCD until things feel right.

I wonder if anyone else feels this strongly about bentoboxes as I do. They are just so cute and clever - I can't help but swoon over it's awesomeness. Is it just a Japanese thing? Is it just me?

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