Renegade Craft Fair 2009

On Saturday, my good friend Debbie and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair, jonesin' for some handmade goods. The last time she and I tried to get 'crafty' was around last Christmas when we tried our hand at block printing. We got the rubber blocks, ink, borrowed some carving tools and spent an evening on my carpet sketching and carving away. We made a huge mess and called it a night without ever getting to the printing part. She eventually made some cards on her own, and I, well, let's just say Valentine's Day came around and Jason didn't get no crafty love.

Renegade was awesome and Debbie was the best person to go with. The Festival Pavilion was so huge we actually discussed our route and seriously considered taking a lunch break or at least getting a drink before finishing the last leg of booths. It felt like there were over three hundred booths! Clothing, jewelry, buttons, ceramics, stuffed mustaches, knitted poo, purses and bags, crayons shaped into Totoros, pillows made of toasts, stationary with humor and lots of posters... I could barely wrap my head around the fact that everything was HANDMADE.

The coolest thing was that I recognized a lot of products and booth names themselves from blogs that I've stumbled upon ever since I started on this whole styling/craft/design blog escapade. Figs and Ginger sold jewelry to one of my first blog idols, Treatzone is a husband-wife design super team. My favorite? Old Tom Foolery's hilariously unsappy greeting cards.

I felt like a fan amongst celebrities, such that I was too shy to be polite and ask to take photos. Most of my from-the-hip shots looked like this:

Crotch shot!
Lastly, the Magnolia Photobooth was a fun and FREE activity that left me buzzing for a good ten minutes after. Something about an impromptu photoshoot behind curtains, even with the comfort of a friend, feels exhilarating. AND you get a little print of your photos in less than a minute! I highly recommend renting these guys out for your next event to keep your guests entertained.