Weekend Fantastica

Hello hello!

Hope you all had a great weekend - talk about nice weather huh?

My Favorite Pasttime
Saturday we did the thing where we wake up leisurely and eventually doze off again, refusing to get out of bed until we absolutely have to eat. Indulged in Country Waffles breakfast and then did something that some couples do regularly that, personally, I find a bizarre way to spend time. We went to the mall. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

The Mall
We malled for so long that my knees hurt. We shopped at one street-skate store to the next, realizing after the third one that it's all the same even after the fourth, fifth and sixth. I knew it was time to escape when we finally lapped back to the entrance of the consumerist abyss. I emerged with a cardigan, a short sleeve cardigan, a black miniskirt, a black halter top, a blazer and some bangles. He got a striped polo, a short-sleeve plaid button-up, a soft thin v-neck sweater in pumpkin orange, and a pair of jeans that are exactly like this other pair that is my favorite but in blue. How does one evaluate a successful mall experience?

After leaving the mall we stopped for a cold snack. The photo above illustrates our typical selections every time we get froyo -- mine is the one without sprinkles. Attempted to play some video games before heading to dinner for a friends' birthday, and then re-met the group in the city for a fun night of champagne, lounging and finally some got-damned dancing.

Sunday, A Contrast to Saturday
Sunday was an spontaneous and interesting version of Saturday. Jas came over as soon as he woke up (a few hours later than I expected, so insert Mamma Mia! dvd here) and we went to eat breakfast/lunch at Ole's Waffle Shop. After stuffing ourselves silly we visited an antique store next door and perused the vintage postcards, board games, glassware and furniture. Then we ventured to this huge flea market that he'd seen from the freeway, which turned out to be the Public Market of Little Mexico -- Bienvenidos! Totally not what we expected which is what made it so awesome. I should have snapped more shots of the strange yet everyday items these vendors were selling but already felt a bit out of place. We saw tools, toys, toiletries, fenders, socks and underwear, vegetables and fruit, stereo systems, wallets, peanuts, more tools, good looking rope... And again, we lapped the aisles and left with a whole new experience under our belts.

Nature + Time + Art: A Validating Documentary
We came home and put on this great documentary about Andy Goldsworthy that my little sister sent me for my birthday. It's about the work of an artist who uses natural elements of his surroundings and creates ephemeral sculptures to the brink of their collapse, against the natural context of time. It's really refreshing to 1) witness the process of such beautiful work and, 2) listen to someone talk and DO life work that which I've always yearned. I'm a collector of elements that I find in the places I've been as a momemtum but also for their beauty. There's something there that I'm trying to understand and bring within my home, within me. I guess it was validating to hear all these half-thoughts of mine in Goldsworthy's words. Thanks Mica.


In addition to the River and Tides documentary, I also watched Yes Man (a little shallow in plot but very funny), Mamma Mia! (during which I cried three times - why!??) and also, gulp, Bruno. Yes, Japheth, I said I wouldn't but I did -- I paid real cash dollars to watch that movie and I must say I don't totally regret it in the same way as I thought I would because of how MUCH it made me laugh. WHY it made me laugh is a little... eh... can't find... awkward... words...

A Harmonica Clip
I leave you with something awesome, something sweet, a moment on the way to Ole's. Waiting at a red light we thought for a millisecond that we heard a harmonica closeby, looked around but couldn't find its source. Then we realized the old man in the sunglasses and straw hat in the Volvo next to us had a harmonica in his steering hand, playing it when traffic slowed.

So grateful for the iPhone for these moments exactly.