Old photos of my sisters

These photos can't have been from more than four years ago, but it seems so long ago that we've played around like this. Funny how some things seem more beautiful the further and further they get pushed into the past. Like how movies used to be "OMG$4.00AREYOUKIDDINGME?". Or how knocking out your two front teeth by falling from a tree really fucking hurts at the time, but now it's a good story. Or that tragic evening I ran away from home in the rain and I thought I would die but really it turned out to be a truly defining experience in my teen age.

These are my sisters. One is older and the other is younger -- we're no more than two years apart each and yes, we fought a lot. I probably started 90% of all those fights, of those, 99% involved smacking or throwing of objects. We really needed a brother.

See the entire set at my portfolio site. Comment on the grain and I will virtually throw a Rubix cube at you.