Nap With Me on my Porch?

[Sara Ahearn's home via decor8]

This is The Greatest Interiors Idea in the whole entire world. Two of my most favorite leisurely activities. Porchin' it + naps. IS IT NOT BRILLIANT.
From Sara: "... i especially loved the back porch because it felt like you were high up in a tree house when the leaves were out on the trees. i spent many lazy summer days relaxing out on the screened in porch reading and (confession…) napping! our guests were the lucky ones who got to spend the night in full view of the stars and wake up with the birds and morning sunshine." (Read the rest of Sara's description at Decor8.)

Happy Friday, dear friends! This week has merely been an elongated sigh between weekends for me, floating through each day dreaming of the weekend past and the weekend to arrive. And now it is here! I am determined to recreate the same ease emanating from the photograph above. If i had to guess, the recipe might call for something like this:

Porch-style Weekend Pie
  • 4 pints of beer
  • 2 hours of additional sleep per morning
  • Country Waffles All American Breakfast
  • 1 c fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 20 minutes of belly laughs [gradually added in increments of 2 min]
  • sprinkled with spontaneous naps [to taste]
  • light powder of housecleaning [optional]
Sounds delicious, no?