Special Moments

I really enjoy reading about what other couples bicker about. I know that it can be sort of voyeuristic of me to enjoy a peek into an intimate relationship, but it just makes me giggle! I found this from MightyGirl's blog:

"Me (Margaret Mason): Yow. It may be time to trim those toenails.
Bryan (her husband): No! They’re the source of my power."

That would make me laugh.

Jas and I hardly bicker. While we have dozens of great serious-turned-hilarious moments, we have dozens of arguments due to poor communication or bad moods. But I couldn't call it bickering. We're notorious for retreating into our own shells, but we've figured out a formula that works for us. It boils down to either 1) If either of us need to leave, let the other know- like last night, and 2) Do what it takes to keep moving forward, through distraction or talking- like last night.

Ok so to preface, yesterday we rode the train home together after work yesterday in silence, and didn't quite reconnect. You know how sometimes couples energize off each other, and when one is down the other just needs to pick up the slack and fill that gap? I was tired and pissy from the day-long downpour, I guess, and didn't really have any energy at all. Oh, and it's definitely That Time of Month.

When we got home, I immediately called a leasing consultant about an apartment I'd been obsessing over all weekend. While one the phone, Jas was crunching on tortilla chips REALLY loudly next to me so I motioned for to him to stop. It was an important call. When he reached for another chip I made sure to smile as I reached and gently pinched his lips closed, just in case he hadn't gotten my telepathic message to for-the-love-of-buddha--please-stop-eating-those-three-month-old-tortilla-chips-i-can't-hear-myself-think!!!

I don't know, maybe it was his way of cheering me up because he noticed I was quiet on the train, or maybe it was the teenager in him retaliating my motherly demand, but seeming like he got the message, he went into the other room, turned around, and shot his fists into the air while beaming as wiiidely as possible. As if to cheer me on or something. Cute, right? Yeah, I thought so too. But then remembered I was on the phone and hadn't been listening to the leasing dude at all (did I mention that this is a very important call about an apartment that we BOTH love!?). I gave Jas a "question?" look and he pumped his fists into the air again. Okay. That he is messing with me has just been confirmed.

I turn my attention back to the phone. Jas comes back into the room, no, scratch that, BOUNDS back into the room as if he had something urgent to tell me. I look up, and he's cheesing in my face. Normally cute, not so much when I'm trying to secure our FUTURE HOME. I won't tell you what he did next to make me turn completely backwards on the couch, but I will tell you that it had something to do with his slapping his butt. Here's a visual for you. I'm not sure how to illustrate how I felt at the time but rest assured, I was FUMING.

After I got off the phone, it was obvious that Jason knew I was annoyed and that he felt bad, but I was unable to become UNannoyed. So I steamed for a bit while he went to the gym, but the gym's power was out so he came back and I sulked some more but he stuck with me. Good man. In the end, he picked up some dinner and we ate while watching Mad Men. oh, 3) Eating a good meal always helps. After eating we were alllll good.

But yeah, bickering? I can't really think of anything in specific. =)

Anyway, I am almost certain that IF we bicker it's 100% initiated by me. I admit my main neurosis is to have things my way - which of course makes me bossy, but he seems to absorb it well seeing as how his personality is much like the rubber skin of Mr. Fantastic. I really love that about him. So much that I really try be aware and keep my crazy to a minimum so that I don't abuse or take him for granted. Next time I'll know, he's really cheering me on for NOT choking him the ONE time he won't let me have my way.

Do you have silly arguments with your friends or significant others? I'd love to hear your stories.