Free-dom of Weekends

Do you mind if I just toot my own horn for a minute here? Somehow, by a miraculous fate, I managed to spend ZERO MONEY this weekend.

The pizza that we had yesterday doesn't count because it was for friends and for the meeting, and neither do the groceries I bought Friday that fed us this weekend. Otherwise, no superfluous exchanges of cash and service were made! I'm really proud of myself because it literally took no effort. I sort of recognized as it was happening, as I was cooking breakfast and lunch and dinner, and watching movies I had and going to the park and to a free Yelp event at the Chabot Space Center, but now that it's over, I realize now how good it can feel to be creative with how I spend money.

I think I could adopt this thrifty-spending theme a bit more in my life. I'm not talking like a full-on shopping ban - that would cause me more stress than I'd prefer. I just mean eating at home more, enjoying the outdoors more, reinventing the clothes I already have more. Oh, and getting a bike already. I am all about making these little conscious changes to better my life. How often do you think about ways to improve yourself? For me, I reflect on a daily basis, but to act on what I want/need to change takes a lot more effort. I guess it was just nice to for once not make a huge effort to make the change, yet still reap the benefits from it.

Some photos from the weekend:

Free Yelp Event! Thanks Eli Z. =)

That smile? Priceless.

Relationships take work. Love? Totally cost-free. ;)