[In preparation for fall, here are my sisters and I for Halloween one year. I'm on the left! My mom totally made us those overalls. I distinctly remember her putting her make up on our noses.]

Allllrighty, finally it is Friday. This post-Labor Day week has been really funky, timing-wise. On Monday I spent the whole day thinking it was Wednesday, and yesterday I thought it was Friday already. I really should remember to take my crazy (calcium) pills.

It's been an overstimulating week and I didn't meditate or do yoga once. I feel like I can't focus on anything in front of me, which is kind of annoying when I'm trying to enjoy myself or learn something. I couldn't even decide to actually purchase anything while shopping during lunch, so I just walked around non-committally, pulling clothes off the rack and standing in line to put it on hold, never coming back.

Even working on my side project (which I promise I'll disclose some bit of information soon, sorry for being so cryptic) hasn't felt engaging, which is shitty because I'm really excited about it. Just not this week.

So, I am signing off entirely and going to enjoy the expected heat wave. Wishing for cool breezes and mind-cleansing activities this weekend, for both myself and for you. :)

Favorite links of the week: