Discovery on the Net

How do you discover new websites? Maybe your homepage is set to CNN or GoogleReader and that's all you really need to start your day. You might be like me and have different bookmark tabs set in the Firefox menu, ready for my hourly rummaging (which, btw, makes for terrible productivity, so I'm looking to better manage).

Where ever your starting point, you may catch a glimpse of an external link that takes you to another product, another website, which intrigues you and has you clicking into yet another website, and by the time you realize your tea is cold and your eyes are bloodshot because haven't blinked in a couple hours, you're 523 websites deep and haven't even checked your email yet.

That's my history log right there, thank you Firefox for outing me.

Allow me to share with you what I discovered from 7:21 AM to 9:20 AM this morning.

  • (Facebook) My friends Shannon and Jason are now engaged! I left them a comment congratulating the beautiful duo.

  • (Brizzly) @kickstarter tweeted about a video that someone made about them. Watched it, admired the reporter's flawless overview.

  • (Brizzly) @design_sponge tweeted about two martha stewart blog posts about her wedding. Quickly flipped through those.

    • ...87 more Facebook links later...

  • (Cup of Jo) Joanna dropped a little link to a Flickr account about a red spray-painted chandelier. Here we go...

  • (abchao Flickr) Documented several interior remodels of her gorgeous home, and of course, I became obsessed.

    • .... 86 Flickr photos later, I take a break to check my Gmail, my bank statement, and head back to Flickr...

  • (abchao Flickr) In her photo captions she mentions GOOP, Gwenyth Paltrow's lifestyle blog, and I remember how much I liked it so I pay her a visit and watch her latest cooking video on roast chicken and fingerling potatoes. Now have dinner plans and a renewed respect for Gwen.

  • She also mentions a good book (bought two copies, one for me and one for my mother),  a pair of shoes, and her blog, which takes me on another spiral.

    • ... after76 more Flickr Pageviews between abchao and her friend 10cent's interiors...

  • (Max Wanger) I instinctively pay his blog a visit and he directs me to a cool ass user collected product blog. Mmmmm shiny things..

  •  (behance) .. which redirect me to a notebook that I like and remember that I'm in the market for one. Think about writing a blog post about it, and start looking for a variety of notebooks.

  • (Facebook) Saw a poster that reminded me of a friend and wanted to post the link on his page but got lost in 30 Facebook pageviews.  Back to Behance.

  • (99%) Accidentally clicked on a side link that turned out to be right up my alley. I spent all weekend studying leadership / business / organizing tools and 99% articles and tips cover it all. I even do a little research on their conference in NY in April.  Sweet Jesus.

  • *deep breath* I feel like I just confessed my sins to my mother. Except my sins are links, displayed shamelessly above. I wonder if you'll click on any of them, and go on a little escapade on your own. Can you relate to this insanity that is a little part of my life at a desk? I know I'm not the only stalker here.  =)

  • Anyway, happy Monday everyone.