Oh Weekend, how I love thee

[image from the portfolio of my new favorite stylist, Twig Hutchinson]

The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty hectic, methinks, starting today. After work, Jase and I are going to go sign our new lease on life. Literally. We're moving in together! To a "soft loft" in Jack London Square in Oakland.

But first I have to find someone to cover my apartment because technically, my lease doesn't end til March. So many things to do! Last night I started packing for an open house showing TOMORROW. Eek. There are yellow stickies all over the apartment for things we HAVE to do before showing the place, like taking down fixtures I put up, and packing away the kitchen and wiping everything down. But luckily I am with The Most Patient and Calm person alive; we shall overcome.

As hinted in my previous post, this move is a big step for us in our relationship. The big step before this was me moving to the Bay Area. And before that, it was saying those three little words. We've been together for over three years and for the past year we've talked about this very moment as if it were an inevitable thing that would happen naturally, but not knowing when. And now that it's here I couldn't be more excited.

Happy weekend to all of you. Oh, and have a safe and fun Hallows Eve! Jase and I are going to a party as Waldo and Carmen from Where's Waldo and Where In the World Is Carmen SanDiego. Watch this clip -- acappella makes me smile.