Color me up

We picked out some wall colors at Home Depot on our way to Thai food. Given a couple of clashing suggestions, we surprisingly came to agreement on three different tones: a light grey, a beautiful turquoise blue and a possible warm tan. I may not get my near-black accent wall, and he may not get his warm orange or green wall, but I think that our place is going to be quite soothing and beautiful in the end.  I hope.

Each day this week has heard "Guess what?" "Um... FIVE DAYS!" or, "Guess what?" "Mmmm.. FOUR DAYS!" and so on and so forth.

I cannot wait to move in TWO DAYS.

So much left to do... I best make a list. But first, allow me to think out loud. I think we have enough hands, but I'm not sure... I'll have to buy beer and have pizza delivered for nourishment before we unload... I need to make time to vaccuum and wipe everything down... tonight I should take down all the lights and shelves we installed.. and clean.. and purge.. yes, purging is most important tonight... oh but we should also buy the paint because we may want to give ourselves as much time on Sunday... Sunday the Comcast guy is coming between 8-10AM, and Friday after work I'm supposed to meet the chair lady and haggle the price down b/c I'm most likely going to have to reupholster. meh, not a priority. Ok.

Clean fridge
Start to empty closet: throw out anything and everything
Take down lights/shelves/shades
Get boxes
Get beer

Look at chair
Clean kitchen
Clean bathroom
Pack everything in boxes, put ready in front room
Wipe everything down

Saturday - Moving Day!
Get the U-Haul
Load up
Final wipedown/vaccuum
Call for delivery pizza on the way
Return keys
Start to unload
Nourish with pizza and beer
Finish unload
Return U-Haul
Start painting?


Jase : Bring ladder on Sat
Maichi: Bring Vac on Fri