Tiffany who?

I would kill [a blade of grass] for anything in this shop. Especially these.

Clockwise: Bent Feather Cuff ($60), Wood Link necklace ($90), Penknife Necklace , Vintage Bracelet pack, Vintage Feather Ring ($30), Old Slavic Remembrance ring ($65).

I'm a huge fan of vintage THINGS but I can't say I could really LIVE with anything vintage as I like shiny things too much. Not even that... I think I just get a little creeped out by historic usage. BUT. Shiny + vintage = is ok. More than ok, really. If it weren't the holiday seasons I'd be elbow deep in my jewelry box by now, cleaning out and making room for Weiner's entire collection.

But alas. Tis the season for giving, not gaining.

Speaking of which, what are your plans for the holiday? I hope you get at least two days off. Unfortunately, I have a full itinerary of Thanksgiving dinners and parties and boarding and painting -- but I plan to squeeze in at least one movie and one absurd sleep-in sometime. Get fat, everyone, and be merry!