Part of the Routine

Just an update on the waking up early routine: I've been successful. Who knew I would ever get used to waking up at 5:33AM? I wouldn't be able to do it alone, so most of the credit belongs to the ever-so-dedicated Jase. Our mornings are consistently as the following:

We wake to the sound of his alarm, lay around for what seems much longer than the 3 minutes that passes, and after sharing a quick hug and a kiss he'll get going first. I'll quite literally stumble to meet him at the sinks, but not before stretching like a cat and collapsing for another few minutes. Blurry-eyed [yet to put my contacts in], I reach out to turn on the water, and while waiting for it to warm I try to stand straight. If I can't catch my balance I lean on his left shoulder and give him a horrid morning-smile that can't possibly be endearing but he seems to think it is. He laughs. I wash up, style the hairs, put the face on, and get dressed. Of course by now he's been waiting for 10 minutes, patient as a lion, and I'm hustling to get my things together and run out the door. Normally I'd joke and say, "Gosh, are you ready yet? I've been waiting for you!" [even though, clearly, he's been waiting for me] and he'll go, "ho-ho-ho-really?!" and I'll go, "teehee hee yeaaaa," but now I realize, I should probably just thank him for not ditching me.

I really can't stand the goodness that is captured in this photograph above. I rediscovered The Selby website yesterday and got lost in this couple's home -- please check it out when you get the chance. When I see work like this, photography in people's personal spaces, I know, deep in my soul, that I'm meant to be there. To do That. To be a part of That. That I'm meant to do something bigger and lively and real ... I just don't know how to get there. Every morning I cherish our morning routines, and if when running out that door I were looking forward to a day chockful of equally brilliant routines? Gosh. Ya know?

For now, I'll pretend that I'm that girl, painting on her porch, sun beaming on the back of her pretty sundress. And that I have blonde hair.