Urge to Purge

We're moving this weekend and I'm trying to get things organized. I still have to pack most of my belongings but as with every move I make, I need to rid of unwanted, space-wasting, frivolous and useless things. My usual philosophy is based on how much of an emotional attachment I have to it. Like so:

But now, sharing this new home, I'm going to have to be more strict on myself if I want a fresh start. Either I love it and use it, or I toss it!

No more of this grey area BS. I mean, what's the use of having so much in storage that never even crosses my mind. Feel me? What am I gonna do with a tacky blanket, old sheets, some old perfume or near-dead pens? Meh! I say to pack rat tendencies!

That said, I just did a bit of online shopping for kitchenware, a wodden bath mat, pencils and tweezers. All very essential (and stylish) things.