Catch-Up Post

(Sneak peak of one of my craft projects)

It's been a busy December, hasn't it! Hope you all had a tasty holiday. Winding down this month also means winding down the year, and I want to start fresh for 2010 (which by the way still sounds to me like The Future, and even when it IS 2010 in the present, I will feel like I have time-traveled). Allow me to update you on the haps.

What I Have Been Up To.. In Reverse
Yesterday, Jason took me to buy some running shoes. I hadn't been to the gym properly at all this year, and I'm beyond the point where I'm even ashamed to admit it. It's a sad fact but a fact nonetheless, and already in this post I present to you my new years resolution: I, Milan Phan, resolve to figure out what "working out really means". By doing, not just in theory. I don't even know how it FEELS to be physically fit. Anyway, let that be a whole other blog post. *scheduling now* It was a quick purchase thanks to the lovely lady at Transports on College Ave, and paired with my new airy red running shorts, I'm really excited to drop all my excuses and start running.

I went home for the holidays and spent three days at my parents. By "spent" I mean I lay underneath the kotatsu all day and watched movies on cable TV. For three days. I literally did not step outside except to take the trash out. For the few of you who knows what it feels to be a "planner" who doesn't have that much free time, imagine coming to a screeching halt and finding yourself in this equation:

A) You are back in the home you grew up in, and your parents are, well, let's just say they aren't available.
B) Your laptop charger has died and nobody you know who has a MacBookPro is in town. (Read: No internet).
C) In fact, nobody you know is in town.
D) Eventually your iPhone charger also goes kaput, thankfully temporarily, but still, kaput. (Read: No internet OR mobile applications).
E) You have access to cable, which you don't have at home, and the warmest place in the house is underneath that cursed kotatsu.

I could have chosen to reconnect with Mother Nature and my childhood by taking a pen and paper to the park for a few hours, but I chose the mind-numbing, time-eating cable TV as my vacation. I can't believe how unprepared I was to relax, but at this point I just have to let it go.

Breaking the routine, Jason and his brother took my mother and I to Tahoe on Saturday. Tahoe is normal for us, but my mom hadn't been for years. She was a happy trooper and woke up before dawn, packed and dressed in layers and wore rubber boots. While we rode, she stood on a rock watching for us to come down the mountain, and when I took a break to find her, she was beaming brighter than the white snow. She even took some snow home in a Pringles container insulated by a plastic bag. I think she had a good time, and she was pretty cute... up until she threw a chunk of ice at my elbow. Apparently the snow was too dry to make snowballs, hmph!

We had a housewarming party, finally. It took weeks of preparation, mostly because I made it that way, but it was very much worth it in the end. We keep talking about how lucky we are to have such good company, both individually and collectively, and seeing everyone together really solidified our appreciation.

Big picture haps: Things have slowed down with my main side project, but I intend to fully ramp up beginning of 2010. I was contacted for several freelance projects all within three days of each other, and I'm excited about the opportunities. Sidenote: December is a big lull for many businesses, I realize. I hope that I can remember to prepare for the holidays weeks prior so that my future business stays consistent and strong.

What Is To Come
New Years is coming up and I really hope to have an easy transition. This year has been about making a home, deciding my career, and having good relationships. I plan to do one of them end-o'-year blog posts this week that'll include a new blog schedule, goals and photos from the year -- stay tuned! =)

Enjoy the last week of the Present, and prepare for The Future!