Hors D'oeuvres

I scoured the internet to create an hors d'ouvres menu for our housewarming party, so I thought I'd share with you the successes. These three happen to be the easiest, so if you're having a New Years Eve party at home, consider these!

Caramelized Onion Dip 

I'd never made this from scratch before and I was surprised that this recipe calls for two large onions but actually,  the finely chopped onions are caramelized over 45 minutes over the stove and reduced down. The intense flavor also calmed, turning almost sweet, even though the recipe doesn't call for sugar! It makes about 2 cups and the entire bowl was wiped clean at the end of the night. Success.

Prosciutto Crostini with Lemony Fennel Slaw ( I used Smoked Salmon )

Despite burning one whole tray of sliced baguette, the two trays that did survive were gone before we knew it. I already had another dish that called for prosciutto, but I really liked how refreshing this sounded, so I substituted for smoked salmon. Yum. My.

Fennel root was a first for me. I love the smell of it but it actually was stronger than the taste of it. I like that the slaw isn't made with vinegar, but with lemon. The crunch of the bread with the cool of the salmon was divine. I really wish I didn't burn that one pan.

Pigskins in a Blanket

I suppose I should take offense that this hit dish didn't actually take any real preparation whatsoever, but I'm not. All I did was roll the little piggies prior and stuck it in the fridge. I saved this dish to cook and serve in the middle of the party to replenish the food. Plus, nothing beats a salty-hot snack when you're tipsy.

I think I may have served these a little too quickly and burned a few tongues, but I definitely should have bought twice as much Pillsbury dough and Mini sausages.