See Rightly, Little Prince

 (via tout est des roses , originally uploaded by mmelox)

I've been having a hard time lately. This happens frequently, actually. It comes in phases, this feeling of happiness, followed by content, followed by complete numbness. Stirred awake by the realization of the numbness, I become fearful. And then angry. Infuriated even! And then hurt. And then finally ... peaceful. In which I can find happiness again.

It's important to see โ€“ not literally look with your eyes, but to pay attention to โ€“ the world around you. So much more is important than what happens within you, and conversely, what happens within you dictates so much about how you see the world around you.

I saw the above photo on a blog about natural parenting and it brought me to the surface of what I've been feeling. This sort of peace is exactly what I want. No fear, just clarity. No walls, just heart. That people, including myself, can go weeks without being thoughtful or careful is shockingly real. But there's always an opportunity to come back around and cycle through, again and again.