Winding Down 2009

Yes, it's a 2009 wrap-up post! At times I feel like I'm going nowhere fast, at other times I couldn't be more content. Lately it's been the latter, and I am grateful. 2009 has been more of an emotional struggle for me than any other sort of struggle. I've fallen into some dark corners and flown to incredible heights, sometimes all within a few days. If I had to sum up the year in one word, it would be "patient".

Taking a look at my resolution post from the beginning of the year, I actually feel successful. I also feel sort of silly for having some of those as my priority, but what's done is done!

1. Learn to appreciate what I have. √ certainly an ongoing effort

2. Blog more. √ I wrote 17 posts in the month of March! I also started another blog.
3. Be nicer.  I can't say I've improved much on this one. BUT, I have invested in custom thank you cards, and I've been more giving and responsive.
4. Move into my own place. √ I did it! And 8  months later Jason and I moved in together. Hey, at least I did it, and had a chance to do it. I loved that little apartment to pieces.

5. Get comfortable talking to strangers. √  I've come a long way on this one; I'm not nearly as clever as I would hope to be but I'm not as shy either. Yay!

Let's be more specific in 2010, shall we?
1. Get some lift and momentum with PG
Nail down a schedule and recruit talent. I'd like to develop columns and get some passionate people on board. Who would be dedicated to the cause? Set an example, take it seriously, publish great content. What is our goal?

2. Lay a foundation for freelance

More and more I'm getting job requests for graphics, website consulting and brand identity work. I don't plan to market myself aggressively but I would like to be prepared to receive business so that I may enjoy the experience and open myself to learning.

5. Stay comfortable

Read: Stay employed. I had that as a joke resolution last year but after seeing 2009 run its course I mean it. I have hope, and see the opportunities, but nobody likes bitten asses. Only unbitten ones. 

4. Travel abroad for three weeks, goddamnit

5. Learn webdesign
I design for web, but I can't say I know how to design a website from scratch. Absolutely hands down a gaping hole as a designer that needs to be filled. Who wants to teach me?!!! :)

6. Take more photos

Starting with a new lens...

Anywho. All the best to you, who reads this blog. Thanks for being the receiving end of my sporatic tirades and pretty photo posts. I do appreciate you for giving me a reason to care. Happy new year!