A Conversation pt. 2

Yesterday's conversations continued...

Me: Would you work if you didn't have to?

Him: Yeah, probably.

What would you do?

[Various ideas, including conducting a train across the country]

ooo, that would be chill.

Yeah, I could eat junk food all day.

No! I would be in the food car and make sure you eat healthy organic fresh foods all day.

What, you're going to bring me food every day?

No, I'd be working in the food car. You'd order a Big Mac, and I'd be like, no, you should have a fresh salad. And you'll be like, FIINNNEE and later you'll come back and be like, wow, that was pretty good, thank you, and then you'll come back every day and order a Big Mac and I'll give you a salad and you'll soon realize I do it because I love you and you realize you keep coming back knowing you won't get what you order because you love me and then one day you'll propose to me in the cap of a water bottle.

A water bottle?

Yeah, like Snapple. But we don't serve Snapple. Too much sugar.

I don't think Snapple tastes too sugary...

It's not about taste

and then the train comes and we go to work in silence.