A Conversation pt.1

A rough recall of this morning's conversation while walking through the brisk 6 AM air as we do every morning...

Him: I wish we had a helicopter to take us from our place to BART (the train station).
Me: Yeah... I'm sure helicopters take time to warm up though.
But maybe we could auto-set the time so as soon as we wake up, it turns on and by the time we get to the roof it'll be warm and ready to drop us off and instead of wasting time landing we can rappel down to the station with like, ropes and stuff.
Are you sure you can do that?
Uh, yeah? Can you?
It's from pretty high up there, I'll need like 5 ropes secured to me.
Well, I'd make sure the auto pilot knows to get close to the sidewalk so we can basically step down.
OR, we could just teleport.
Yeah, duh, why didn't we think of that? We could use the closet. Where would it drop us off at?
Inside the next train?
No, right at the front door of our work.
Yeah...OR, we could just quit our jobs and never leave our bed ever again.
Yeaaah, I like that one.

 To be continued.