Gifts in the Hall

I came home late last night and he points me to the hallway I'd just walked through. You want me to... leave? I look back and see something new, an addition that wasn't there before. I walk over and instantly recognize it as the last Tugboat print I was pining over in my last post, The Iceberg. He'd read my blog and my not-so-subtle hint and he actually bought it for me! He even looked through all the rest of the items in their shop to be sure that's the one I'd really like. Smitten, with him for listening, and the poster for being pure awesome.

What I love most about the poster is that it's beyond that, the idea of "what's below the tip of the iceberg". I observe the meticulous detail required to design the piece and then to register chunks of wood to precision... I love feeling that part of the art -- the making part, the part that makes it made. Good job, Tugboat!

Side note: A conversation we had while making the bed. 

(To preface, the night before I'd found myself without blankets in the middle of the night. brrr. To be fair, he did wake up and feel bad and covered me up. The next morning I pulled off all the blankets on our bed to be sure we made it properly before we went to sleep so the blankets won't shift so much again.)

[Jase starts making the bed while I brush my teeth, and I make hand motions to tuck in the feet of the top sheet]

Jase in a whiny voice: But!! I don't like it when I can't move! My legs feel restricted.
Me: [pause] Okay, just tuck in my side then. [I start to help] You sound like a baby.
Jase: YOU sound like a baby.
Me: Well I'm the one who's waking up freezing in the middle of the night because the blankets are loose and SOMEONE keeps taking them!
Jase: Well at least III give them back to you!

Don't worry we're not arguing, we looked at each other after that last statement and busted up in laughter. Just bickering like loving people do. No blankets were harmed in this conversation.