A New Series: Confessions

I've apparently written this somewhere before, but I can't find the post anywhere, so I'm posting again. And even though I haven't been consistent with my Series, I'm establishing this one today.

Each one of us is connected. Some of us on many many levels. This entry is inspired by Mayu Ishikawa and Lola Muldrew.

In my recent years of life I've shared probably thousands of private experiences. By private, you curious monkeys, I mean a connection that is mutually recognized as a connection, and occurs between two people. Whether it be profound or futile, long or momentary, productive or lazy, it's understood as a legit experience, and registered.

Now (the plot thickens), the exciting part is that I can walk away from that private experience feeling a certain way, but the other person could very well walk away from that very same experience feeling completely opposite! That truth fascinates me and baffles my mind. That I could feel something completely independent of another person's knowledge and so it will be until I give them, and myself, permission to share that feeling. They'd never know otherwise. And the same goes the other way. Now for the depressing truth: such confessions almost never happen.

This program's focus is Sharing. Be honest and open with the people who are gracious enough to share their lives with you. Would you want to know if you changed my life with a seemingly insignificant act? Would you want to know what part of you has become a part of me? I would. We all would. I want to practice this for the rest of my life.

So, to start, I will be taking the time to "confess" an anonymous connection I've had here on IBD. It will take energy, time and concentration, but so does anything and everything else that matters (funny that the acronym for "energy time and concentration" is "etc", as if it's common procedure). Without names, know that I write to you. Yes, you, because you changed my life that one fine day.

You will know who you are.