Paris 6: Landmarks

Notre Dame from Pont de la Tournelle

Waiting in line to enter the Notre Dame

Chimneys, Mary Poppins-style, from the Notre Dame stairwell

View from atop Notre Dame

We didn't go up the Eiffel tower but... we stood at the center of the Eiffel Tower...

...and looked up. Felt grand.

The Eiffel Tower lights up while on a dinner cruise along the Seine

At Le Louvre!

This painting has more square feet than our apartment.

As close as you can get to the Mona Lisa. 

Atop Arc du Triomphe!  Our noses are flaring because we just walked down Champs Elysees, a street longer than that one behind us, then up a serious flight of stairs!

It was raining but we found Moulin Rouge and stopped long enough to take this photo!