Paris 2: Les Rues de Paris

Here's a curated set of photos that I took on the miles of walking we did every day. Some days we left the hotel with a destination, others days we got deliberately lost. I don't know what we would have done without the Lonely Planet Paris guidebook that our friend Kam gave us! Helped us feel comfortable that we'd find our way no matter where we turned. I loved that if we ever saw a curious or cute alleyway, we turned into it without any discussion. That street looks cute and we're going to walk down it and that's that! I know now more than ever, I can walk beside this man forever.

The areas photographed below show when we left the magnificent Louvre, while got lost in Marias in search for Las Du Fallafel that was closed, roaming around Montmarte where Amelie was filmed, passing French merchandise of sidewalk vendors along the Seine river, the bustling outdoor market of Rue du Mouffetard, the Universite du Sorbonne adjacent to our hotel, rooftops of Odeon, and the stairways leading from the Sacre Coeur Cathedral where we happened to catch a beautiful Sunday service.

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