Light and space must contribute

I just love this Coffeeklatch interview answer. Couldn't agree more.
How important is light when you work?
Light and space are very important. More than that: they have to contribute. Everything must be practical. I think it is important that everything is on wheels. I paint on the table, but also on the wall and on the floor and it is important that my materials are within reach and that I don’t have anything in my way. I can be quite a maniac when I’m working and throw lots of things around me. But I also clean up regularly!
And this QA felt especially true to hardworking, earned success and ambition. It's good to remember not to be picky.
As a painter you’ve come a long way. You make a living out of painting and that is truly exceptional.
I live from what I paint. I bought this house with the money I earned by selling paintings. I originate from a workin class family and when I started on a freelance basis, I said to myself, mantra-wise: “I live from painting!” In the beginning I accepted all jobs that involved drawing and painting, often very applied work. I’ve learned a lot from this, both artistically and professionally. Since I've opened my exhibition space, I don't need to do that anymore.

quotes via Coffeeklatch interview of Piet Raemdonck