Positive Influences

From an early age, we're taught that there is a formula to having an identity, and it usually involves knowing exactly what you like. If you have a favorite color, a best friend, one food you could eat forever, top five songs, and heroes, you're all set. You've successfully been admitted into society.

Struggling with the answers to these questions for almost three decades, I'm slowly  starting to feel like things are clicking. If life were a science experiment, I feel like I've made my hypothesis, done a ton of research, and now I'm starting to make conclusions. To be honest, it feels really satisfying. Like I am not at a disadvantage, or that I can look at others and not feel that pang of jealousy. I got my own thing going on.

I still think it's funny to ask a 13 year old who their biggest influence is, because pretty much everyone is an influence at that age. And I think influences are mostly recognized in hindsight, long after we realize how much of a personal impact they actually had on our lives. But when we do finally realize, let's be thankful. It's all part of our story.

Mainly for autobiographical purposes, I'll be sharing more influences here. I'm keeping an eye out for influences, both new and old, object or idea, person or place, so if anyone asks me who my heroes are, I'll be able to finally answer.

photos by milan via instagram