Some things never change

We got married 9 months ago and how I feel is not dissimilar to a baby being born again. I feel like a different person, but in a good, natural, transformative way.

I like the idea that some things never change. I went back to my hometown, Davis, recently, and walked through downtown to pick up some supplies for a picnic. We walked past Silver Dragon Chinese Restaurant which we used to go as a family for Chinese. Of all the new Chinese spots that popped up over the years, I still argue this is the best spot in town, even though I haven't been in years. The tacky gumball machines are still in the same place. The same red leather booths made me think of the clear wonton broth and fluffy fried rice... my mouth watered at the thought. Of all the changes that happen as we leave our hometowns, make new friends and start new jobs, as we grow older and take things for granted, it's nice to be take a moment and remember a childhood that once was. That's what childhoods are for, right?

Last September I married the love of my life. Most recent photo of us above. We've grown together over the past five years, and more so than I'd imagined in the past nine months. After adjusting to being husband-and-wife (which I secretly hope never stops being a hot thing to say), we recently decided on a plan of action for the next year. A simple choice that we made in solidarity feels tangible and incredibly good.

No, it's not babies.

We're going to set our minds on traveling! Japan and Korea first, to visit our relatives, and then we have a Eurotrip and Australia on the list as well. We are super excited for this plan, and are set on making it work. I think I might add Malaysia/Vietnam/Thailand, after seeing some other people's photos on Instagram.

And that brings me to my last item, Instagram. I've been blogging profusely on Instagram. I heart IG so much it's annoying. If you'd like to take a look at my past year, my handle is @mrrrrrrp, or take a looksee here:

Til next time!