Popped my Chicago Cherry

One of Jason's childhood friends invited us to his wedding in Chicago so we made a mini-vacation out of it, padding the weekend with an extra day on either side. The first day we were out there happened to fall on my birthday, so I am lucky. I get to say that I spent my 27th birthday wandering the Art Insitute of Chicago's vast collection with the love of my life. Afterwards, his brother flew in just a few hours behind us so, we met up and he treated us for dinner and got the party started.

Overall, Chicago is an absolutely gorgeous city. I am so glad we had a chance to take the train outside of downtown too, where the city-of-neighborhoods reputation really shows... The alleyways come alive and fire escapes rise tall, brick everywhere and ivy all over it, architecture in general just beautifully thought out. I didn't photograph too much, I'm trying not to when I'm really enjoying a "first". Next time. Here are my instagram shots from the weekend.