Modern Anthology

I'm itching to visit New York again, for reasons like Modern Anthology.

Owners Becka Citron and John Marsala run this half creative studio, half retail store located in DUMBO NY. The POV is incredible. Subway white text on black canvas, vintage lighting and leather, aged patina galore across tabletops and trophies. People say it's a store for men and man caves and masculine but all I see is heritage.

Their creative services range from interiors and graphic design to film and event design. They say they're in the business of storytelling, and that lil nugget is a great starting point to remember for any concept. "We know our first job as designers is to listen. Whether we're knocking out brilliant designs, initiating memorable branding concepts, or promoting the work of the talented artists we collaborate with, we like to think that everything we do takes its roots in our ability to tell really, really great stories."

Modern Anthology
68 Jay Street Brooklyn, New York 11201
Open 11am - 7pm | Yelp
photos via NYTimes, Not So Lolita and their Facebook page, video via The Atlantic.