Thomas Schoos

Earlier this spring, Jason and I roadtripped down to San Diego to get out of town and have some fun in the sun. We were able to drive along the coast and squeeze in a bit of beach napping before hitting SD, which was fortunate because a MONSOON On a storm took over the town for the only two days we were there. The downpour cramped our style a little, but we still found this gem of a restaurant, albeit a giant gem, and had an amazing meal at Searsucker of Chef Brian Malarkey, restaurant design by Thomas Schoos. Behold.

My commentary: The style of this 7,000 sq ft space is hard to nail. Definitely open, social and gathery, which I loved right off the bat. There's a lot of reclaimed flavor as you sit at mismatched chairs at hardwood tables, with seriously massive modern light fixtures looming overhead that give off just enough light. The scale of the place is just incredible. It had room for its own bar, a lounge in addition to a dining room that had individual tables AND a community table area. I can see how some people might get intimidated, but the service really brings things back to earth and the meal becomes an intimate, thoughtfully timed and cared-for experience. Yes, they were dressed in seersucker aprons. 
I'd seen somewhere online that there's a new restaurant called Herringbone that just opened up in La Jolla, and then I remembered Searsucker and how cool the space was and wanted to share some interior photos on my blog. Finished writing this post, and then saw that Herringbone interior is also a Thomas Schoos innovation for another Brian Malarkey restaurant. He is taking over. The new digs are even better: an ocean bazaar theme (!!). There are indoor olive trees, a skeleton and rope and exposed ceilings.... Thomas Schoos is wildly after my heart. I'll be doing another post on him, furr surrre.

images via designshuffle and herringbone