NoMad Hotel NYC

Oh, New York. How you steal my heart.

All 168 rooms of this French-inspired hotel just opened in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC and I think it's time to take a trip. This hotel was brought to you by the Syndell Group, of course, the same developers that also developed my favorite Ace Hotel. I'll have to dedicate a week of posts to explain why I love the Ace.

I'm on the brink of incomprehension when looking at these beautifully balanced interiors. My brain responds with sounds like "It's like... ch....what?....that's so... wow.... derrr".  What I see is so clearly masculine yet perfectly feminine at the same time. With room names like Classic, Atelier, Grande, Salon, Royale, Atrium it's hard to imagine NOT feeling like a pure European badass in the NoMad Hotel.

I'd recommend starting with this promo video:
via Jetsetter and NoMad Hotel