Vanessa Hernandez of The Vaguely

Let's get back to lettering. The Vaguely is a tactile design studio by Vanessa Hernandez down in LA. She does all kinds of work but most notable is her lettering style, IMHO. Fluid, clean, funky. Keep it up, sister.

As a kid I collected precious things. Precious to me, like stickers, Sobe drink labels, paper goods... and I still have this one sheet of unused gold leaf, never having any use for it, never knowing when I'll need it. Came across this video from Emmadime's blog and not only is this woman's work utterly stellar, it brought me way back to the little things I valued as a young buck, without knowing I still value it today. So, thanks Vanessa, for the moment of nostalgia.

Check a look at this:


video by Hunter&Fox | photos from The Vaguely portfolio