Maui 2012


A much needed R&R vacation. 

We visited so many blue beaches. Became braver with the sea. Saw a ton of sea turtles and even briefly swam with them a few times. Drove all around the island and marveled at the changing environments, from urban to fields to oceanside to rural rainforest to desolately dry to forest and back to urban. Drove up up up past the clouds to watch the sunset atop a volcano. Soaked in gloriously setting suns every night. Soaked in the sound of the crashing waves and crashed into the soaking waves. Showered a lot. Ate fresh pineapples and drank pineapple wine. ALmost made it out of there without one fight, but of course, had a little tiff as we were driving to our departing flight. And of course it was about food (my priority) vs.  time (Jas's priority). Thankful that it blew past at record speed. We rock.

And now we're back to reality, as they say. Except, I'd argue that a vacation like that surfaces the simple things that really matter, which feels more "real" and necessary to me than the routine we tend to fall into back home.