Sunday mornings: Flapjacks

Woke up wanting to do something nice for J and pancakes were the first thing to pop into my head.


It's the first time in a long time that I made anything so, of course, I had to document it. I'd also gotten these little spoons from Umami Mart just the other day (photos to come), so breakfast turned into an impromptu spoon shoot (cause that's never happened ever).

I adapted a recipe from Smitten Kitchen using ingredients at hand, in a way I never made pancakes before! She offers some great tips for making the perfect fluffy flapjack--beating egg whites, leaving lumps--I highly recommend trying it out here!


Behind the scenes, however, is a janky sight. Chopsticks in a jar to hold up the iPad, a white shopping bag as a reflector, beanie to wrangle the bedhead...  it's not so pretty.