Foraged: Interviews // Pt. 2, International

So, Pt. 1 of the Interview posts catalogued three of my favorite online journals that showcase creative people in their natural habitats in the US. Now, let's go overseas...


CoffeeKlatch // Belgium  An online magazine showcasing "creative entrepreneurs in their homes or daily working environments, addressing various disciplines. Coffeeklatch stands for slow journalism using a fast medium". I've been following writer Magali Elali on IG for a while now and Belgium looks like it's exploding with creative living.

Sidenote: Magali Elali and designer/photographer Bart Kiggen run another magazine All Items Loaded that is just as juicy.


One Minute Wonder // Amsterdam, Netherlands  Minute-long personal stories in video form to satisfy your short-attention span. I <3 Theophilus London! I'm starting to grow appreciation for the moving picture format, from having to build a few for work. It's not easy but it's unparalleled when it comes to storytelling.


Freunde von Freunden // Berlin, Germany   They do everything and they do it everywhere. Mixtapes, iPad app, printed book, online journal. I mean. Like. I can't. How?  In their words "FvF is an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes and within their daily working environments. Our content aspires to present multifaceted personal perspectives that offer impressions of cities, various artistic industries and international urban living. By introducing real people from around the world with an honest and authentic approach, FvF attracts a global readership and remains borderless."