Pizzaiolo in Temescal, Oakland

First, a quick housekeeping discussion: What do we think about watermarks on images? I've added a tiny watermark to the photos in this post and am considering adding them to my photos from here on out. Is it distracting? In my experience, I've found such watermarks to be a little tacky, especially when they're directly on the photograph itself. But, Pinterest and Tumblr and all the other wannabes have made distribution and sharing of images so easy that accreditation is practically ignored. I say all this without negative frustrations or guilt (as a Pinterester and Tumblr-er myself), but with a determination to "put myself out there" as a photo stylist in a fair, appealing, and peaceful manner. Where do you stand?

Jason and I were cruising around town, holding hands and wondering where to eat, and we showed up at Pizzaiolo with no reservation and high hopes. Had only heard  good things about this place. We had a strong bourbon and a tequila cocktail while we waited on the sidewalk in the lowering dusk light. We'd just made up after a huge fight about I-don't-remember-what... but you can imagine the romantic slow down was especially needed and nice.

We passed through the heavy curtains and were seated. I'll get right to it. We shared a lot of bread and butter, a clam appetizer and a marinated beet salad, and Jason had a huge fluffy arugula and prosciutto pizza, while I had a homemade tagliolini with sand dabs and lots of parsley. Chardonnay for me. Merlot for Jason. We skipped dessert, like we almost always do, but they had a great selection of chocolatey delights and apertifs and Blue Bottle Coffee. Service was friendly and casual, and timing was perfect.

I used my eavesdropping skills to assess that the older couple next to us are regulars who make weekly reservations to dine at this establishment. We talked about how we'd like to be regulars at some place when we grow up, looked the paintings on the wall,  and marveled at how menus suggest that there are people out there who order a cocktail, and appetizer, a second course, wine, a main course, dessert AND coffee or apertif in one sitting.  Who does that?!

When a restaurant says "No electronic devices at the table", I know they're really doing me a favor. I am a travel-through-the-lens kind of person, and it's a horrible habit that I can't seem to break, thank you Instagram. These are the photos I snapped with my iPhone while we were waiting for our table, but to enjoy the nuances of the meal itself I encourage you to visit Pizzaiolo yourself.